Training Practice

What Is A Training Practice?

A training practice is one that facilitates qualified doctors in becoming registered GPs.

They like to provide high levels of clinical care to their patients and so enable other doctors who may become GPs to learn from these standards.

Why Is A Training Practice Good For Patients?

In order to become accredited, a training practice has to achieve and maintain a high standard of organisation, skill and clinical care.

It has to work effectively as a team and to provide a learning and supportive environment, not just for the training doctors, but for all the members of the practice team.

As a patient you will have the opportunity in helping shape the way a GP may practice in the future from what they have learnt from treating you.

How Will It Affect Me As A Patient?

Although the core of the clinical team will remain the same, you will notice that the registrars change periodically. When making an appointment, you may be offered an appointment with one of the registrars, who will always work under the supervision of an experienced GP.

Sometimes the supervisor and registrar may see you together. You may be asked if you mind having your consultation video recorded for training purposes. As part of the teaching commitment, doctors from other practices occasionally visit the health centre to assess the standard of our records and the care given.

If you object to your notes being made available for this purpose, please let us know.

All members of the practice team are committed to the maintenance of patient confidentiality.